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The impact of social media on California divorces

Cell phones and social media have become part of daily life in Sacramento. People routinely send their friends pictures of children, pets and notable events in their lives. Even the stress of going through a divorce does not have much effect on how people use social media, but perhaps, it should. The thoughtless transmission of personal information on Facebook, Twitter and the many other forms of social media can have a damaging effect on a contested divorce.

Can spousal or child support debts be discharged in bankruptcy?

Once a Californian divorce is finalized and the court has issues its order obligating an ex-spouse to pay child and spousal support, ex-couples can finally breathe freely. But, then one receives a notice that says their former spouse has filed a petition under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Code, asking the court to declare those child and spousal support obligations no longer binding. Is this possible? The person likely wonders whether they have endured the pain of divorce for nothing. The answer lies in the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, and the answer is positive.

Halle Berry given family centered plan deadline

In our last post, we explained how family centered case resolutions work in California divorces. In essence, a couple has 18 months to resolve their divorce or be required to go through a family centered case resolution process. During this process, the parties meet face to face to discuss and hopefully, resolve their differences. Movie star, Halle Berry, has now provided a real-life example of how a slow moving divorce is treated by the courts.

What is a California family centered case resolution plan?

Most divorce attorneys in Sacramento and throughout California advise their clients to attempt to settle divorce issues by agreement without resorting to costly discovery and litigation. This is especially true if minor children are involved. However, many clients do not understand the negotiation process, and they are motivated more by anger than by a desire to resolve the divorce issues quickly.

"I don't want to get divorced, but. . . ."

Most disagreements in California divorces concern child custody and support, spousal support or division of non-marital assets. In some divorces, however, the dispute centers on the basic question of whether both parties want to end their marriage. What happens when one spouse wants a divorce but the other one does not?

Getting your ex-spouse to pay attorneys' fees in the divorce

One of the most common questions individuals ask when they are seeking a divorce is how will the attorney's fees be paid. In most civil cases, courts follow the so-called American rule and require the parties to pay their respective attorneys' fees. The same rule usually applies in divorce cases, but California law contains three important exceptions that may allow one party in a divorce to recover attorneys' fees from the other party.

Rep. Darrell Issa may be pulled into fellow congressman's divorce

Contested divorces often ensnare friends and business associates of one or both parties. Rarely, however, does a divorce pit one congressman against another. This unusual spectacle is now unfolding as Ohio Rep. Michael Turner is attempting to compel California Rep. Darrell Issa to give deposition testimony in his divorce.

Modifying an order for child support in a California divorce

As anyone who has experienced a divorce can attest, life is not certain. That observation applies to many post-divorce situations, including the payment of child support. As many people in Sacramento have come to realize, the completion of the formal divorce proceeding does not always mean that disagreements and court appearances will never happen. The circumstances in which divorced parents and their children find themselves after divorce cannot always be predicted, and, for this reason, California law has procedures for modifying orders for child support.

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