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Choose Someone To Protect Your Finances

If illness or injury should cause you to become incapacitated, it can be impossible to manage your health and finances. While an advanced medical directive can help you appoint a medical power of attorney to oversee your health decisions, you will still need someone to look over your finances. Appointing someone as your financial power of attorney can grant you the protection you need.

At Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch, we can help you develop an estate plan that covers all of your future and potential needs. When you develop a plan that does not consider all possible outcomes, it can leave you in a vulnerable spot. Our goal as your attorneys is to provide you with an estate plan that offers you plans for all contingencies.

What A Financial Power Of Attorney Can Do For You

Despite being incapacitated by an illness or injury, your financial needs will still carry on. When finances keep moving forward, you will need a trustworthy power of attorney (POA) to look after your finances. Your financial POA can help with:

  • Paying recurring bills
  • Collecting and depositing any income
  • Collecting insurance benefits
  • File your taxes
  • Manage your business
  • Hire attorneys on your behalf
  • Oversee your retirement benefits

When no one is available to look after your finances, you risk your utilities running past due or into collections or your business falling behind. When so much is at stake, we can help you reach the decision to successfully appoint someone you can trust to look over your finances.

Let Us Help Prepare You For Your Future

Sudden car accidents, debilitating illnesses and other incidents can happen without any warning. In case something like that should happen, let us help you protect your finances with a thorough estate plan that appoints a strong financial POA.

Contact our Roseville office by calling 916-304-5691 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation. There is no telling what tomorrow may bring, so contact us today to prepare for the future.