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Roseville Attorneys Who Know Estate Plans, Wills And Trusts

The attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch strongly believe that every person needs a specific estate plan to prepare for his or her future and legacy. It is reality that many of us will face incapacity, and all of us, ultimately, end of life. Our attorneys provide comprehensive and effective legal representation in preparing customized estate plans for our clients after carefully reviewing each client’s personal situation.

Do You Have An Estate Plan That Protects Your Family?

We help our clients examine such important questions as how they wish to divide their property among their beneficiaries, whom they want to serve as the trustee, executor and personal representative of their estate, who should be power of attorney during periods of incapacity, and their desired medical treatment during incapacity. We are also versed in creating various business entities that can be an integral part of a tailored estate plan.

Skilled Trust Administration And Trust Accounting

Even after the original trust creator (trustor) has died, there are usually many important responsibilities the trustee must fulfill, including duties of notice accounting, prudent management of the trust estate, and duties of loyalty and communication with the beneficiaries.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the trust administration and trust accounting process, and can provide quality legal representation to trustees and beneficiaries so they can comply with California law and properly distribute the estate. We will also help beneficiaries who believe their trustee is not fulfilling his or her legal responsibilities or is abusing his or her powers.

Helping You Avoid And Understand Probate

Our lawyers know that the probate process in California can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming for grieving clients who have just lost a loved one. We can assist you in avoiding this process, or if probate is necessary, can efficiently transfer the assets to the intended beneficiaries and loved ones. Our attorneys know how to prepare your loved one’s case for probate and navigate it to conclusion.

Attorneys Experienced With Trust And Probate Litigation

In more contentious probate and trust cases, parties and beneficiaries will file court actions to challenge the probate or trust administration. Our attorneys provide valuable representation to both litigants who challenge the probate or trust administration, and executors and trustees who are defending against would-be challengers.

Whether you need to challenge a probate or trust or whether you are a defending executor or trustee, our lawyers will provide you with legal knowledge and strong representation to help you peacefully settle the dispute. If negotiations fail, we will aggressively litigate your interests in probate court.

Hire Our Qualified Estate Planning, Probate And Trust Lawyers To Help You

The attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch are confident they can help you prepare and administer your estate plan, guardianship or conservatorship. Please call us at our Roseville office at 916-304-5691 or send us an email to schedule your consultation today.