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Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch has over 40 years’ experience providing family law representation to California clients. One important area of our practice involves seeking and defending against Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs).

Sometimes, parties to a divorce or paternity case engage in conduct that is violent and abusive, harassing, exceedingly annoying, and disturbing the peace of the other party. In those more serious cases, where prior family court orders or private admonitions from the court or law enforcement officers have not stopped the abusive party, it may be appropriate to seek a DVRO to protect against abuse and provide serious consequences for violations, including arrest and imprisonment.

The California Family Code permits judges to impose a DVRO against a perpetrator of domestic violence and domestic abuse that if subsequently violated, can result in civil and criminal consequences. A DVRO is flexible and can include some or all of the following orders (depending upon the case):

  • Conduct Restriction Orders – Prohibits the abuser from harassing, hitting, assaulting, stalking, blocking movements, surveillance, destroying personal property, disturbing the peace, sexually molesting, or impersonating (including on the internet) the protected party.
  • No-Contact Orders – Prohibits the abuser from directly or indirectly contacting the protected party (except through a lawyer, or process server, or during a court proceeding).
  • Stay-Away Orders – Prohibits the abuser from coming within a certain distance of the protected party’s body, home, job, car, school, church, children, and other unique places.
  • Eviction Orders – Orders the abuser to move out of the home or apartment of the protected party.Mandatory firearms/ammo surrender to police or licensed FFL dealer (e.g. loaning them to a family member or friend will still violate the DVRO).
  • Temporary child custody/visitation orders.
  • Protection of animals.
  • Right to record the abuser without needing their consent – if the abuser acts in violation of the court’s DVRO.

Domestic Violence is defined in Family Code §6320, and §6203, and can include conduct that is counterintuitive to common sense. Domestic Violence law also has tight legal deadlines that can significantly affect your domestic violence and family law case if missed or ignored. This is why it is critical to meet with one of our experienced Roseville domestic violence attorneys to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your case in a timely fashion.

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The domestic violence attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch are acutely aware of the issues our California domestic violence clients face, whether they have been abused and need a DVRO, or whether they are the victim of another person’s false accusation and are faced with a falsely filed request for DVRO. Our lawyers will meet individually with each domestic violence client to assess their legal strategy and recommend a course of action. Please call our Roseville office at 916-304-5691 or email us to schedule your consultation.