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Helping You Avoid And Understand Probate

When a loved one passes on, the lengthy process of probate begins. Probate is the legal process that administers an estate, distributes any assets, pays remaining debts and settles other matters. Probate is notorious for taking months or longer to resolve, but there is a way to avoid it.

Our lawyers at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch, know that the probate process in California can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming for grieving clients who have just lost a loved one. We can assist you in avoiding this process, or if probate is necessary, can efficiently transfer the assets to the intended beneficiaries and loved ones. Our attorneys know how to prepare your loved one’s case for probate and navigate it to a conclusion.

Attorneys Experienced With Trust And Probate Litigation

In more contentious probate and trust cases, parties and beneficiaries will file court actions to challenge the probate or trust administration. Our estate planning attorneys provide valuable representation to both litigants who challenge the probate or trust administration and executors and trustees who are defending against would-be challengers. We can help defend you from any of the reasons someone may challenge a will, including:

  • Allegations that the will was made through fraud
  • Someone forces the testator (the person who made the will) into signing the will
  • The testator was not of sound mind when making the will
  • The testator incorrectly made the will, invalidating it.

Whether you need to challenge probate or a trust or if you are a defending executor or trustee, our lawyers will provide you with legal knowledge and strong representation to help you peacefully settle the dispute. If negotiations fail, we will aggressively litigate your interests in probate court.

Guidance You Can Count On

Trying to either avoid probate or resolve probate can be a considerable challenge. You can save yourself and your loved ones the trouble of trying to handle things on your own by contacting our Roseville office. Call us at 916-304-5691 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation to meet with a legal team to handle probate and estate administration difficulties for you.