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Knowledgeable Roseville Spousal Support And Alimony Attorneys

In divorce cases, parties have to protect their financial futures, whether it is ensuring you have enough support to continue on your own since the separation or protecting yourself from a spouse who is seeking an unwarranted amount of support. The attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch are well-prepared to help you protect your financial future and advocate for you in court if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful.

Spousal support (alimony) is ordered in two stages: Temporary spousal support is formulaic and calculated by computer software; counties use slightly different statutory formulas in calculating spousal support. Permanent or “long-term” spousal support is paid after judgment is entered and is calculated according to many different factors listed in California Family Code §4320. The process of weighing each factor can be complex and confusing, making the resulting monthly support figure difficult to predict in advance.

Our spousal support and alimony attorneys will carefully analyze both your financial picture and your spouse’s financial situation to help you determine how a court might rule. Before the divorce is complete, we will help you in the temporary support process to ensure the order is fairly calculated using the statewide computer guideline. We pay particular attention to ascertaining income and other items which impact support calculations

Our attorneys will help you analyze your spousal support case. We are committed to helping you obtain a fair, long-term support order that accounts for your personal situation.

Spousal Support Attorneys Who Know The Family Code Factors

In long-term spousal support cases, our experienced lawyers will help you apply your personal facts to the court’s mandatory analysis of the California Family Code §4320 factors. We also have years of training to protect spousal support payers from incorrect temporary computer calculations and underemployed spousal support recipients. We also advocate for our clients to receive or defend against Family Code §4320 long-term support orders. Our attorneys provide the following spousal support services to our clients:

  • Navigating the temporary spousal support calculator in a fair way
  • Explaining the mandatory long-term Family Code §4320 factors and executing a plan to prove your case in court if settlement is unsuccessful
  • Hiring qualified forensic CPAs to calculate the former Marital Standard of Living (MSOL) and testify to income available for support
  • Conducting discovery of your spouse’s income and assets
  • Investigating and proving a spouse’s cohabitation
  • Modifying temporary and permanent spousal support
  • Terminating long-term spousal support
  • Eliminating spousal support in proven domestic violence cases

Strong Spousal Support And Alimony Attorney Representation

If you have spousal support issues in your case, allow us to put our experience and skill to work for you. Please call our Roseville office at 916-304-5691 or email us to set up a consultation. We will discuss your legal options and explain temporary and long-term support law while assisting you in fully asserting your rights and having a reasonable expectation about your support case.