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We have found that for many individuals, undergoing a divorce is among the most traumatic and stressful experiences they will face. From the breakup of the marital relationship, to resolving the custody and visitation parenting plan, setting child and spousal support and dividing up marital property, it can seem that years of love, teamwork and progress are literally evaporating into thin air.

The divorce attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch, are acutely aware of the stress our California divorce clients face, and we have developed a practice that is focused on serving your unique needs. Our lawyers meet individually with each divorce client to grasp the underlying issues in his or her case.

We explain the divorce process from start to finish in a meaningful and clear way. Our attorneys then work directly with our divorce clients to identify the underlying desires, priorities and issues in their cases. From there we develop a unique strategy designed to realize their interests and address their concerns. We invite you to partner with us and our staff as we represent and empower you to face each phase of the divorce process with confidence.

Skilled Litigators, Mediators And Collaborative Attorneys

We have been providing quality divorce representation to Roseville families for over 40 years. It is a popular misconception that the divorce process requires a long, painful and expensive war. Divorce can be respectful and affordable, and we partner with our clients to work toward this end, where possible.

However, the divorce process is also highly personal with high stakes, and in high-conflict cases clients will need skilled litigators to represent their interests. Whether your case is best addressed through mediation or collaborative practice, we are prepared to serve you.

Attorney Assistance With Legal Separation Orders

Sometimes parties do not want to formally end the status of marriage, but need to obtain orders concerning custody, child support, spousal support or property division. This process is known as obtaining a judgment of legal separation and is similar to a divorce except that the parties remain legally married.

We have found this solution can work for couples that believe reconciliation may be possible at a future date, those who cannot divorce for reasons of conscience or sometimes those who wish to maintain health insurance coverage.

Attorney Advice Obtaining Annulments Of Marriage

In some rare cases, separating parties will qualify for an annulment of marriage, which means the court voids the marriage and treats it as if it never legally existed. This narrow remedy is available in very limited circumstances. Our legal team can help identify these unique cases and guide our clients through the process of obtaining a nullification of the marriage.

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