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Our attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch are skilled in assisting adult clients with obtaining uncontested civil name change orders. Parties may desire to legally change their first, middle and/or last name for a variety of reasons, including restoring a prior used name, picking a new name, taking the last name of a spouse, or correcting a name to comply with conflicting government agency-issued identification documents such as birth certificates, driver licenses, social security cards, and US passports.

Contested Name Change Scenarios We Do Not Handle

Changing a minor child’s name without the consent of both custodial parents, or all legal guardians, is not something the civil court will handle and must be litigated in the child’s family court case. Parties who are required by Penal Code §290 to register as sex offenders are also ineligible for a civil name change except in unusual circumstances.

Parties who are in state prison, county jail, or on parole may be ineligible for a civil name change and are likely to face opposition from the California Department of Corrections and/or local police authorities. Parties who are attempting to avoid creditors may also be denied a civil name change request.

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Our experienced attorneys can help clients through the uncontested civil legal name change process. Our lawyers can help you understand the uncontested civil name change steps and work to accomplish your goal. Please call our Roseville office at 916-304-5691 or email us to schedule your uncontested name change consultation.