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Family Solutions

Roseville Property Division Attorneys

Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch‘s attorneys have years of experience helping our clients value and divide their property in a divorce proceeding. From handling division of a complex property portfolio including multiple real properties, a business and a sizable investment portfolio to simply apportioning a modest single family home and retirement plan, we can provide invaluable advice and a strategic plan for fair division.

We will put our legal training and business experience to work for you and help ensure you are treated fairly in the property division process — whether we are partnering together in amicably negotiating with your spouse, or whether we are asserting your property rights in court.

Property Division Services We Provide

Hiring Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch will give you access to the following services in your case:

  • Guiding you through preparation and service of California mandatory financial disclosures
  • Helping you secure an appropriate property appraisal expert
  • Facilitating hiring forensic CPAs to appraise business interests and income available for support and assist in preparing the standard of living
  • Analyzing your tax documents, business plans and financial statements
  • Executing financial evidence discovery against your spouse in difficult cases
  • Drafting final marital settlement agreements resolving the property division process
  • Preparing retirement plan orders (qualified domestic relations orders or QDROs) or connecting you with an industry specialist to prepare your QDRO

Trained Negotiation, Mediation And Litigation Attorneys

When dividing property, our attorneys firmly believe in the importance of achieving meaningful resolution of the dispute. Because of our sizable litigation experience, we know that property division battles in divorces can become very expensive, particularly because of expert fees and discovery costs.

Therefore, we empower our clients to seek fair compromise where possible, and to aggressively assert their property rights in court when sensible compromise is impossible. Our attorneys are especially gifted at presenting the cost/benefit view of available alternatives and partnering with our clients to choose the best option.

Comprehensive, Effective Family Solutions

If you have real property, business interests, retirement plans, restricted stock units (RSU) and stock options, defined contributions, CALPERS, CALSTRS, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs, vehicles, valuables, personal property, stocks, bank accounts or any other community property in a divorce action, our lawyers would like to meet with you to review your case and tailor a plan of action for you. Call our Roseville office today at 916-304-5691 or email us for a consultation with one of our property division attorneys.