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Divorce is physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually challenging for families. The divorce process can severely strain or even destroy previously strong family relationships. The process of airing the family’s problems in court and placing the case in the hands of a judge can be exceedingly embarrassing. While seeking judicial resolution of rights in court is necessary in many cases, the attorneys at Gary, Till, Burlingham & Lynch firmly believe that it is possible to informally resolve the California divorce process without court proceedings, and with respect and dignity, for parties committed to doing so.

Collaborative Family Law Attorneys

Collaborative law is a process in which the parties commit to resolving their case out of court and with the help of a team of trained collaborative attorneys, therapists and other professionals. The collaborative team helps the parties resolve past hurts and practically focus on fair division of assets, setting reasonable custody schedules, and calculating reasonable child support and spousal support figures.

Our firm has been in the forefront of establishing collaborative divorce practice in the Sacramento Valley, demonstrating our commitment to helping families learn how to communicate again. We can represent you in the collaborative process and help ensure that your children’s interests are foremost, and that the divorce process is conducted with respect, honesty, good faith and without stressful court litigation.

If you are committed to resolving your dispute out of court, willing to fully and accurately give all important financial information to the other side, and desire to minimize the negative impact the divorce process can have on you and your children, our attorneys believe that collaborative law may be a great fit for you.

Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Divorce mediation allows divorcing spouses to take control over the process and avoid the turmoil and financial expense of court litigation and the unpredictability of the court’s ultimate decision. Litigated divorce cases often take over a year to complete and can wreak havoc on the parties and their children. We strive to empower and assist our divorce mediation clients to amicably resolve their disputes with respect, and usually for a lower cost than the traditional two-lawyer litigation model.

Our neutral mediating attorneys meet with both spouses in as many (or few) confidential mediation sessions as necessary to resolve the dispute. We provide neutral mediating advice to both parties in mediation sessions and foster an environment in which the parties jointly explore creative options to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. Once an agreement is reached, our lawyers will draft the written terms, facilitate the signing meeting and handle filing the judgment documents with the court.

Comprehensive, Effective Family Solutions

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