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Important financial discussions during marriage and divorce

Financial matters are something some people might not like to talk about very much. However, there are situations in which discussing financial matters is very important. One is when you are married.

Honest and open communication about money matters can be very important for a married couple. It could help with reducing major financial conflicts and stress within the marriage. This can be of incredible importance, as such conflicts and stress, if allowed to get to high levels, can take a considerable toll on a marriage. Many divorces have financial issues among their causes.

The role texting can have in a divorce case

Texting has become a normal part of American life. In fact, a report published by CNN shows that approximately six billion text messages are sent every single day, which amounts to around 2.2 trillion texts annually.

When two people get a divorce, text messages can constitute evidence. Many divorce cases are now using text messages to show one partner was abusive or cheating on a spouse. Although it is a prevalent technology, it is one that is still relatively new. People need to understand how this seemingly innocent practice can affect a divorce.

10 Surprising Facts About Community Property And Divorce

When dividing property in a divorce, it matters what state you live in. Americans live either in a "community" or "common law" property state; in the latter (which includes California), the courts decide what belongs to whom in divorce and death proceedings.  In “community property” states, each spouse is an equal owner of any property acquired during the marriage. Property acquired before or after marriage would be considered "separate property" and, therefore, not subject to joint distribution after divorce.

In both community and common law property jurisdictions, the impetus is to impart fair and equitable, not necessarily "equal," rulings.  Many people still think that a 50/50 distribution is always the goal, but even in community property states, that is often not feasible. 

Can Sacramento Parents Delegate Child Custody Responsibilities to Significant Others?

When Sacramento divorcees and former partners allow new significant others to watch the children it can be a source of strife and child custody litigation. Sometimes the underlying issue is the ex-spouse or ex-partner's jealousy over the new significant other's potential to befriend the children, and other times it is legitimate concern that the significant other poses a threat to the child's health, safety or welfare. 

Sacramento Divorce and Family Law Blog

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