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"I don't want to get divorced, but. . . ."

Most disagreements in California divorces concern child custody and support, spousal support or division of non-marital assets. In some divorces, however, the dispute centers on the basic question of whether both parties want to end their marriage. What happens when one spouse wants a divorce but the other one does not?

Many factors affect determination of spousal support

One of the questions most frequently asked by people in Sacramento contemplating a divorce is whether the court will order the payment of alimony. Some spouses believe that the court will order them to pay spousal support to the other spouse, and they want the amount set as low as possible. Spouses who expect to receive support want the amount to be as high as possible. Given the complexity of factors that must be considered by the court in awarding spousal support, only the simplest of financial situations permit anything close to an accurate prediction.

What is commingled property in a California divorce?

When divorcing couples in Sacramento think about dividing their property, they believe that property can be divided into two classes: marital property and separate property. Marital property is divided 50/50 between the spouses, while separate property belongs to the spouse who owned it prior to the marriage. But, sometimes, property division can be complicated by the commingling of assets. What exactly is commingled property?

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