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December 2018 Archives

How mediation can ease the stress of getting divorced

Most Sacramento residents who are contemplating a divorce are aware that the process is often stressful, emotionally painful and exhausting. What many people in this position do not realize, however, is that using a divorce mediator can make the divorce process far less taxing than is commonly imagined.

Lawyer Avenatti ordered to give luxury assets to wife in divorce

Michael Avenatti is a Los Angeles attorney who has garnered an outsize share of media coverage in the last several months by representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her dispute with President Donald Trump about an affair she allegedly had with him several years ago. He is now getting media coverage because of his pending divorce and the property settlement with his estranged wife. Avenatti's divorce does not provide a paragon for ending a marriage, but he and his wife have apparently reached an agreement about dividing assets that may provide a template for other high-asset couples.

Hiding assets in a divorce in California is a bad idea

When a divorce becomes nasty, one or both parties may use tactics that they would never use in their business or social lives. One of the most common tactics is to hide marital assets from the other spouse. This behavior is usually based on three incorrect assumptions: the other party has no means to search for or find the property; the property is hidden so that it will not be found; and if the property is found, the consequences will be light.

How California judges determine the amount of alimony

One of the most difficult issues in any divorce in California is whether one ex-spouse will be ordered to pay alimony to the other ex-spouse. The answers to these questions can affect the life of each ex-spouse for many years, and understanding the factors that the court must consider in awarding spousal support will help both parties present their cases arguing for more or less alimony.

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