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September 2017 Archives

Understanding divorce mediation in California

Couples in the Sacramento area who have decided to end their marriage usually expect the process to be long and painful. The prospect of attempting to come to a mutual agreement on difficult issues such as child custody, child support and alimony often seems overwhelming. Fortunately, divorce laws in California have evolved to provide an option for couples who genuinely wish to end their marriage on an amicable basis: divorce mediation.

Using a buy-sell agreement to protect corporate stock in divorce

One of the most disruptive events in the life of a closely held corporation in California is the divorce of one of the owners. Without prior planning, a shareholder's divorce could insert the shareholder's former spouse into the management of the corporation if the stock is a community asset. Also, a shareholder may be forced to sell valuable stock at a loss in order to satisfy a property distribution order. A well-drafted stock transfer agreement or buy-sell agreement can eliminate these risks.

Five kinds of alimony may be ordered in California divorce

Divorce often entails an uncertain financial future for one or both spouses. Spousal maintenance, called alimony, is used by the California courts to ameliorate certain financial hardships. Understanding the nature and justification for each type of spousal support may help persons prepare for the financial consequences of divorce.

How can divorce affect my business?

One of the reasons for your success might be your ability to plan for unexpected events that may impact your company’s health. As the co-owner of a successful business in California, you should think about how a divorce can affect your company. You may be happily married now, but you never know what the future holds.

The benefits of a prenuptial agreement in California

Requesting one's finance to sign a prenuptial agreement may seem like the antithesis of the romance that supposedly infuses a wedding. In fact, though, a prenuptial agreement can improve the couple's chances of enjoying a long and affectionate relationship. A properly drafted prenuptial agreement can remove some of the uncertainty that is an ordinary part of life.

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