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February 2019 Archives

Understanding the basics of child custody in California

For Californians about to begin a divorce proceeding, child custody often looms as the most difficult issue to be resolved. Unfortunately, many divorcing parents reduce this issue to the simplistic question of "Who gets the kids?" As demonstrated by a review of the state's child custody laws, child custody in California cannot be reduced to this single question.

How social media can poison a marriage and cause a divorce

One of the most pervasive social changes that has occurred in California and the United States in the last 20 years is the increasing use of social media to begin, renew or maintain personal relationships. A person may think he or she are pursuing an innocent relationship with an old friend and suddenly, platonic feelings become romantic. Divorces that spring from information posted on social media are often called "Facebook divorces."

Reviewing California's community property laws

Most residents of Sacramento who are considering ending their marriages are aware that California is a "community property state," but they may not know exactly what the title means. Familiarity with the state's community property laws may assist in resolving disputes about dividing a couple's assets and in planning for the economic consequences of a divorce.

Guidelines for high asset divorces in California

Divorcing couples in Sacramento who own significant assets face a number of issues that do not usually come up for couples who are not as well off. That issue is the division of their assets to comply with California's community property laws and also the requirement that the division be fair to both spouses.

The ingredients of a successful parenting plan

All California couples with minor children who are ending their marriages must prepare a joint parenting plan, sometimes called a "custody and visitation agreement." Some divorcing spouses use child custody and visitation issues as weapons to bludgeon the other spouse into making concessions on other issues, such as property division. Most couples, however, want the best for their children after the divorce becomes effective, and they are usually willing to invest the time and emotion that is required to forge a beneficial parenting plan.

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