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Tips for getting custody of your pet in a California divorce

In light of the new California law that treats pets like family in divorce, you have a lot to consider when splitting up. If you see your dog, cat, guinea pig or snake as your own family, you want to keep as much custody as possible. The last thing you want is to lose custody and never see your beloved pet again.

Guidelines for dividing assets and debt in a California divorce

California courts usually expect divorcing couples to prepare a mutually agreeable plan for splitting their assets and debts. However, some couples cannot reach such an agreement, and the court is required to step in. Couples also misunderstand the effect of the state's community property laws. The following guidelines may help solve deadlocks about property division.

Enforcing an order for spousal support in California

The subject of spousal support can be one of the most contentious issues in any divorce in Sacramento County. When the court issues its final order declaring the parties to be divorced and setting an amount and schedule for alimony payments, many people feel that the worst is behind them. Unhappily, the future does not always cooperate. Many ex-spouses fail to pay support to their former spouses. The failure to pay either child or spousal support can often be justified by a change in the financial situation of one or both parties, but in too many cases, the payor spouse simply chooses to disregard the court's order.

Law concerning custody of pets takes effect on January 1

California's community property laws can present unexpected issues in a divorce. How does a couple divide a valuable work of art? Or divide a valuable antique piece of furniture? And what about the family dog or cat or parrot? Until this past year, California judges treated pets as personal property and awarded custody of them as if the animal were merely an item of personal property. A new law becomes effective on January 1 that will change all this.

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