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June 2018 Archives

Valuing a small business in a California divorce

Most residents of Sacramento contemplating a divorce understand that a fundamental issues is the division of marital assets. For couples without high value assets, the division can be relatively simple, but for couples who have accumulated significant wealth, the division of property can be complex. One of the thorniest questions is how to value a small business, especially if both spouses worked in the business.

Important factors in a California child custody case

A divorce is a devastating event in the world of a California family. While the parents must work through the complicated steps of separating their lives, their children must learn to live new lives that place their parents in different households. Because divorce can be hard on youths the courts and their parents are required to preserve the children's best interests when making decisions about their custody and care.

Halle Berry given family centered plan deadline

In our last post, we explained how family centered case resolutions work in California divorces. In essence, a couple has 18 months to resolve their divorce or be required to go through a family centered case resolution process. During this process, the parties meet face to face to discuss and hopefully, resolve their differences. Movie star, Halle Berry, has now provided a real-life example of how a slow moving divorce is treated by the courts.

What is a California family centered case resolution plan?

Most divorce attorneys in Sacramento and throughout California advise their clients to attempt to settle divorce issues by agreement without resorting to costly discovery and litigation. This is especially true if minor children are involved. However, many clients do not understand the negotiation process, and they are motivated more by anger than by a desire to resolve the divorce issues quickly.

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