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Modifying an order for child support in a California divorce

As anyone who has experienced a divorce can attest, life is not certain. That observation applies to many post-divorce situations, including the payment of child support. As many people in Sacramento have come to realize, the completion of the formal divorce proceeding does not always mean that disagreements and court appearances will never happen. The circumstances in which divorced parents and their children find themselves after divorce cannot always be predicted, and, for this reason, California law has procedures for modifying orders for child support.

Hiding assets in a California divorce can be risky

California law requires both parties to a divorce to make a full and complete disclosure of their assets to the other party. Occasionally, one or both parties will attempt to prevent the other spouse from learning about certain assets with the intent of preventing the court from making an equal property division as required by California law. Those who attempt this gambit often fail, and they may face very serious penalties.

Easing the emotional pitfalls of divorce

Very few, if any, Californians enter a marriage expecting the union to fail. But, divorce is a common phenomenon, and even the mere thought of divorce can unleash a flood of unpleasant emotions, including anger, grief, fear and anxiety. Psychologists who have studied divorce have offered a number of suggestions for eliminating or softening the impact of these emotions.

Enforcing child support orders across state lines

One of the most trying moments after a divorce is finalized is when the ex-spouse who is ordered to pay child support decides to move to another state. Even the mere announcement of an intent to move can instill in the custodial parent intense anxiety about ensuring that child support payments arrive on time and in the correct amount. Fortunately, the California legislature, along with the other 49 state legislatures, has adopted the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act to help alleviate this post-divorce problem.

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