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How to comfort your children during divorce

Your divorce will undoubtedly affect your kids. As they watch their parents fight and separate, they may feel a variety of emotions, including grief, anger, confusion and resentment. While you figure out the complex and stressful details of your divorce, make sure you are taking the time to comfort your children.

Lawyer can be key to finding hidden assets in California divorces

For Sacramento couples with a high net worth, dividing assets in a divorce can be a quagmire of emotion and uncertainty. Couples will fight over which assets are community property and which are separate property. And, one of the thorniest issues is whether one or both spouses have hidden assets.

Modifying an order for spousal support: why and how

Many people who get divorced in Sacramento assume that the court's order that sets allowances for child support and alimony are fixed and cannot be changed. California's divorce laws allow for modification to any order for spousal support if either spouse is experiencing what is called "a change in circumstances."

Father kidnaps daughter to evade court order

California judges have broad powers to resolve the many issues in a divorce. Refusal to obey an order establishing the parties' rights to child custody and visitation can result in a citation for contempt of court, a fine, and, in extreme cases, criminal charges. A recent child custody incident in Northern California demonstrates the sort of extreme behavior that can lead to unhappy results for all concerned.

How social media impacts divorce cases

Attorneys frequently bring electronic evidence into court to bolster their clients' claims for more alimony, more child support or other aspects of divorce. In addition to social media posts, lawyers may be able to acquire emails and even geotag locations to provide a clearer picture of how the other spouse spent assets. Social media often comes to court to prove whether the other spouse committed adultery.

Drafting a parenting plan that will help your children

When a Sacramento couple decides to end their marriage, providing for the welfare of their children is one of the most important issues they will face. Unfortunately, divorcing spouses often do not view the issues involved in their children's welfare in the same light. A jointly drafted parenting plan can be a very helpful tool in resolving disputes about child custody and visitation.

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