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March 2019 Archives

Understanding temporary alimony in a California divorce

Most divorcing couples in California choose to live apart while the divorce is pending. Living apart may reduce the level of acrimony, but it may also cause financial headaches for one or both of the parties. For this reason, California courts are frequently asked for and frequently issue orders for spousal support during the pendency of the divorce, otherwise known as temporary alimony.

New app aimed at helping divorced parents communicate

The end of a divorce proceeding does not always signify the end of acrimony between the divorced parents. As many divorced residents of Sacramento have learned, anger at the former spouse may often disrupt post-divorce efforts by the parents to tend to the welfare of their children. A California judge and a California entrepreneur are attempting to combine their experiences to develop and market an app named coParenter that is intended to assist divorced parents communicate about their children and make necessary child rearing decisions.

Revisiting "the best interests of the child"

One of the most important legal concepts in California divorce law is embodied in the phrase "best interests of the child." Whenever a divorcing California couple has one or more minor children, issues such as child support, child custody and visitation will be resolved based upon the court's judgment about how a proposed solution will affect the best interests of the child. Any parent who is facing a potential divorce may wish to become familiar with the factors that determine a child's best interests.

Order barring Facebook posts by ex-husband is unconstitutional

The advent of social media has added a new dimension to divorces in California and elsewhere. Some angry ex-spouses have used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to post harshly critical comments about the other party to the divorce. Courts have been crafting remedies to limit harmful comments without improperly limiting the First Amendment rights of ex-spouse who is doing the posting. The California Court of Appeals recently issued a ruling that reversed the order of the trial court that barred all use of Facebook by the ex-husband because the prohibition was unconstitutionally broad.

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