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August 2017 Archives

Casey Affleck's wife files for divorce

Another Hollywood, California, couple has announced their impending divorce. It always shocks those who follow celebrities as it shows that celebrities are not perfect. They do not lead the lives we see on the big screen. They are simply people and in their marriages and sometimes, it just does not work out.

Don't play guessing games with student loans during divorce

When you think about contentious divorce issues, you may consider custody and parenting time as being the toughest problems to resolve. However, dividing marital debt may be just as complicated and arduous as anything dealing with where a child will live. Additionally, California family court judges have a great deal of discretion in how they allocate debt. With this possibility, the responsibility for paying particular debts may not always lie with the person who took out the loan or credit card. 

What factors may a court consider when awarding spousal support?

When it comes to household income, every marriage in California is different. Sometimes, both spouses work outside the home and earn more or less the same amount. However, in some marriages, one spouse works outside the home while the other spouse stays out of the workforce to care for the family. Also, in other marriages both spouses work outside the home, but one spouse earns significantly more than the other.

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