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August 2018 Archives

Dealing with post-divorce loneliness

A divorce can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Relationships are broken and rearranged, money problems may arise and any divorced person may deal with loneliness and even depression. For many divorced persons in the Sacramento area, the road to restoring life may seem endless and hopeless. Yet, psychotherapists who are experienced in dealing with post-divorce loneliness have developed a number of techniques that help people.

Will you need to pay your spouse's legal fees for a divorce?

Couples will need to pay various fees when they want to divorce. Every case is different, but everyone should expect to pay quite a bit for the process. While there are some horror stories of people who had to pay upwards of $250,000 for a divorce, those instances are few and far between. 

Angelina Jolie - Pitt looking to finalize divorce by year's end

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce has been headline news for years now. There have been accusations on both sides and child custody headlines concerning the custody status of their six children. In recent news, Angelina Jolie reports that she is seeking to have a resolution to their divorce by the end of 2018. This process has been in the media spotlight for the roughly 2 years since divorce was filed with the court.

Enforcing child support orders in California

The failure of a non-custodial parent to pay court-ordered child support can be one the most bothersome post-divorce issues imaginable. Usually, the custodial parent depends on these payments for food, clothing, medical care and other aspects of the child's care. In the frequent situation where the custodial parent is not financially well-off, one or two missed support payments can be catastrophic. California recognizes the importance of support payments by providing penalties for anyone overlooking the responsibility to pay according to the court order.

Using a joint appraiser in a California divorce

One of the most contentious issues in divorces involving wealthy couples is the valuation of joint property. Even in a community property state like ours, where joint assets are divided equally, many assets may require a valuation to ensure the equal division required by law. In the past, common practice dictated that each spouse hire an appraiser to provide expert testimony on the value of real property, business interests and uniquely valuable assets, such as works of art. A new trend is now emerging: the use of joint appraisers.

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