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July 2018 Archives

Enforcing child support orders across state borders

One the most vexatious post-divorce issues is enforcing an order for child support when one or both of the divorced parents has moved to another state. Fortunately for California residents facing this problem, the state has enacted the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), a law that significantly eases the problems of enforcing a support order in another jurisdiction that has adopted the same law. The law was adopted by California and the other 49 states in response to passage of an amendment to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

Understanding child custody in California

Of all the issues and disagreements that may arise in a divorce, child custody probably generates more emotional distress than alimony, property division and child support combined. Some divorcing parents use custody of the children as a weapon, while some genuinely believe that the other parent is not fit to have any sort of custody of the children. Many divorcing parents do not understand the different kinds of custody that are allowed under our state's law.

The impact of social media on California divorces

Cell phones and social media have become part of daily life in Sacramento. People routinely send their friends pictures of children, pets and notable events in their lives. Even the stress of going through a divorce does not have much effect on how people use social media, but perhaps, it should. The thoughtless transmission of personal information on Facebook, Twitter and the many other forms of social media can have a damaging effect on a contested divorce.

Can spousal or child support debts be discharged in bankruptcy?

Once a Californian divorce is finalized and the court has issues its order obligating an ex-spouse to pay child and spousal support, ex-couples can finally breathe freely. But, then one receives a notice that says their former spouse has filed a petition under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Code, asking the court to declare those child and spousal support obligations no longer binding. Is this possible? The person likely wonders whether they have endured the pain of divorce for nothing. The answer lies in the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, and the answer is positive.

3 social media tips during divorce

If you regularly use social media, chances are you will keep logging on during your divorce. But be careful–what you post on social media may become part of a court document. Emotional outbursts or angry comments may be used against you in your divorce proceedings. 

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