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Understanding how "QDROs" work in a California divorce

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, known as a "QDRO," may be one of the most useful documents in resolving a divorce and giving effect to the court's division of community property. A QDRO, pronounced "quadro," is an order issued by a California court specifying how a retirement plan will be split by the parties to the divorce.

How to create a joint parenting plan in California

Most California divorce professionals, from judges to lawyers to social workers, believe that children fare better in a divorce if the parents can cooperate in resolving issues such as custody, child support, decision making and visitation. The straightest path to such an outcome is the preparation of a parenting plan that is signed by both parties and approved by the court.

Grandparents have visitation rights in California

A minor child's grandparents can easily become the forgotten party in a divorce, especially if the divorce entails animosity between the divorcing spouses. Grandparents often form close emotional bonds with their grandchildren, and a court's award of child custody to the spouse that is not the offspring of the grandparents can put deep strains on these relationships. The California legislature has acknowledged this fact by giving divorce courts the power to grant reasonable visitation rights to grandparents of minor children.

Invalidating a prenuptial agreement

Most divorce lawyers in Sacramento and elsewhere in California will advise their clients to sign a prenuptial agreement with the caveat that the agreement should fairly reflect the parties' intentions regarding issues such as property division and spousal support. Unfortunately, people who have signed prenuptial agreements often see the agreement differently if a divorce is brewing. These people want to know if a prenuptial agreement can be invalidated. The answer is "yes," but the process is not easy.

Modifying an order for spousal support in California

Many people who receive or who are ordered to pay spousal support in a divorce in California run into unexpected life events that necessitate revising the terms of the order. The first question people in this position ask is, can an order for spousal support be changed? The second question is, how do I do it?

Understanding California law on supervised visitation

Many parents in Sacramento who have gone through a divorce have learned that the emotional turmoil doesn't always end when the judge signs the decree dissolving the marriage. For couples with children, the emotional aftermath of a divorce can be painful and disruptive, especially if one parent believes that the children are not safe in the unsupervised custody of the other parent. To resolve problems with child custody and visitation, courts often order supervised visitation.

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