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Working together through divorce for your child’s sake

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Blog, Firm News

The period of divorce can be hard on all parties, especially the children. Parents often desire to operate in the best interest of a child, even in the midst of a divorce.

Thankfully, there are ways that parents may be able to decrease the impact of this life-altering occurrence. There are a few things that they should consider to aid in them working together through the divorce process for the sake of the children involved.

Develop a parenting plan

A parenting plan is essential to establishing a new routine for children after divorce. In fact, the law requires it. A proper plan should cover a few elements, such as:

  • Custody
  • Medical care
  • Decision making

The courts prefer parents to develop parenting plans themselves; however, if that is not possible, the court will make the decisions. For those who want to maintain the most control over decisions about their children, it is critical to try to develop a parenting plan with the other parent.

Utilize issue resolution methods

Deciding how to address issues between parents is another key element to include in a parenting plan. Even the most detailed plans cannot cover every possible occurrence, and as the child grows, modifications to the plan may be necessary. Having a plan in place for addressing unexpected occurrences and issues can create a means to solve them before they become legal matters.

Think as a team

Even with a parenting plan in place, it is useless without proper execution. Also, either parent might need special consideration from time to time, such as big work or life events that they desire the children to be a part of. Being able to compromise and negotiate with each other may help to make for a peaceful arrangement, which children can sense and appreciate.

In the end, parents should strive to operate in the best interest of the child at all times.