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How to comfort your children during divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Firm News

Your divorce will undoubtedly affect your kids. As they watch their parents fight and separate, they may feel a variety of emotions, including grief, anger, confusion and resentment. While you figure out the complex and stressful details of your divorce, make sure you are taking the time to comfort your children.

Your kids may struggle with the end of your marriage, but you can help them cope with it in healthy ways. Being an active and helpful parent will also help you during the custody process. Here are some tips for guiding your children through the dissolution of your marriage.

Explain your divorce honestly

The age of your kids will determine exactly how straightforward you are with them, but you must be honest regardless. Your children may have a lot of questions about why their parents do not live together any longer. Be ready to say something along the lines of this: “Your mommy and daddy are living separately because we are fighting a lot, and it makes everyone sad. Living apart will be better for all of us, and both of us still love you very much.”

Keep arguments private

One of the worst things you can do is showcase your conflict and angry discussions in front of your children. Be careful to not argue or have legal discussions when your kids are present. If you fight in front of your kids, they may feel more anxious and responsible for your problems. 

Adhere to daily routines

Keeping schedules as consistent as possible will help your children deal with this difficult time. Try your best to keep meals, bathings, playtime and any extracurricular activities at regular times, even if children are going to different homes. 

You may feel helpless at times, but you are the best person to assist your kids through this hard transition. Follow these tips for helping your children through your breakup.