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How mediation can ease the stress of getting divorced

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Most Sacramento residents who are contemplating a divorce are aware that the process is often stressful, emotionally painful and exhausting. What many people in this position do not realize, however, is that using a divorce mediator can make the divorce process far less taxing than is commonly imagined.

Mediation uses a trained neutral party to meet with the divorcing spouses to review their disagreements and to suggest possible compromises. The mediators are trained to stay impartial and to refrain from taking sides. Mediators are also trained to be empathic listeners. For example, many divorcing couples have a hard time listening to their estranged spouse and understanding what is being said. Mediators know how to let the parties each speak their mind before interrupting.

Many people view mediation as just another arena for marital combat, and they prepare as if they were going to court. The key to a successful mediation is the fact that the mediator, unlike a judge, cannot make any decisions. The only binding mediation agreements will stem from the couple’s own ability to find compromises. A mediator may suggest modifications to a couple’s ideas, but a mediator cannot rule that one party is right and the other is wrong.

Divorce mediation often helps divorcing couples discover the true nature of their disputes and thereby helps them find resolutions that work for both of them. Most divorce attorneys accept mediation as a useful tool for resolving the seemingly insoluble conflicts that have driven a couple apart. Anyone with questions about divorce mediation may wish to contact an experienced divorce attorney for advice on how the mediation process works.