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Design Your Divorce Through Mediation

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Divorce

If you are considering divorce, you have probably imagined how the litigation may look. You can see you and your spouse’s lawyers negotiating your agreement on your behalf and can likely anticipate any resulting arguments or complications. You can likely imagine a judge ruling on disagreements over property division, child custody and support payments.

Though you may believe a judge will rule in your favor, you do not know. With a courtroom divorce, you give a lot of control to lawyers, judges and courtroom personnel. These divorces are expensive, time-consuming and might produce an unsatisfactory result. These complications lead many couples to choose mediation over litigation for their divorce.

Mediation puts you in control

Using mediation for your divorce will provide you, your spouse and your children quite a few benefits before, during and after the divorce. Overall, mediation provides a couple much more freedom in deciding how to split assets, child custody and visitation. The best part about mediation is that you will never have to agree to something you dislike — mediation helps you and your spouse find compromises that work for everyone.

Without a judge, no legal entity will rule over your divorce. Mediation can help you draft an equitable divorce agreement while enjoying several other benefits:

  • Choice of mediator: Your freedom extends to who you hire to mediate your divorce. Professional mediators receive training in communication and collaboration techniques that can help you empathize and understand your ex. The skills you learn in mediation can help co-parents resolve future disputes.
  • Lower price: Many divorces cost up to $15,000 per person. Mediation is much cheaper as you do not pay for court fees, lawyer charge reduced rates and many states cover the mediator’s fee.
  • Faster process: You can hold mediated sessions anywhere and at any time, instead of waiting for an opening in a packed court schedule. Mediation allows you to find a resolution much faster.
  • Confidential negotiations: All mediated discussions are private and confidential, unlike in a courtroom. Confidentiality allows for honest discussion without consequences.
  • Better results: Couples report feeling more satisfied with the mediation process over traditional litigation. You can even draft an agreement that includes instructions on future disputes, ensuring you and your spouse will ever need to enter a courtroom.

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