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Can online activity impact divorce proceedings? 

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Divorce

Almost every aspect of our lives can now be managed in the online realm. Business matters, personal conversations and banking are just some things that are now largely done over the internet. 

This is certainly something to consider when going through a divorce. How can your online activity impact divorce proceedings? 

Venting on social media 

You’re stressed and your former partner is frustrating you during negotiations. In your opinion, they were responsible for the end of the marriage and they are making life as difficult as possible now. It’s only natural to want to confide in someone about this, but that doesn’t mean social media is the place to do it.

Even if your posts are set to private, it only takes a little knowledge in technology to gain access to them. Also, it’s likely that you have dozens, if not hundreds of online friends. Can you really be certain that posts won’t get back to your ex somehow? Badmouthing your ex in any form is never a good idea, and the courts are likely to frown upon it.

Other pressing factors 

You may post items that have no direct influence on your ex. However, these posts could still be used as evidence during legal proceedings.

Have you recently uploaded a string of pictures from nights out over the last few months? Were you and your friends behaving childishly, to make each other laugh? While this may appear harmless to some, it can paint a specific picture in the courtroom. If your ex is arguing that you are not a responsible parent, pictures of your nights out could be used to try and back this up. While they may be exaggerating, it all depends on how the courts perceive the situation at the time. 

Divorce can be challenging but you can come through the other side, and go on to live a fulfilling life. If you have questions about your legal rights as a spouse in California, it may benefit you to approach an experienced party for guidance.