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Important financial discussions during marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Firm News, Property Division

Financial matters are something some people might not like to talk about very much. However, there are situations in which discussing financial matters is very important. One is when you are married.

Honest and open communication about money matters can be very important for a married couple. It could help with reducing major financial conflicts and stress within the marriage. This can be of incredible importance, as such conflicts and stress, if allowed to get to high levels, can take a considerable toll on a marriage. Many divorces have financial issues among their causes.

So, there are a range of financial topics spouses may want to have candid conversations with each other on. Among the topics a recent Forbes article identified as important ones to cover are:

  • Accounts.
  • Family issues.
  • The family budget.
  • Financial personality.
  • Goals.
  • Income.
  • Spending on fun.
  • Values.

What things would you recommend as good ways for couples to start and continue financial discussions on these sorts of topics?

A marriage ending is another situation in which financial discussions can be important. In this situation, an important financial conversation for a person to have is to discuss financial matters related to their upcoming divorce with a skilled family law attorney. The division of community property and other divorce issues that touch on finances can greatly impact a person’s future. So, being properly prepared for such issues in a divorce can be critical. Discussing such issues with an experienced attorney can be a key part of such preparations.