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3 social media tips during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Firm News

If you regularly use social media, chances are you will keep logging on during your divorce. But be careful–what you post on social media may become part of a court document. Emotional outbursts or angry comments may be used against you in your divorce proceedings. 

You should carefully consider limiting your social media activity until your divorce is over. If you cannot keep yourself away, here are some guidelines for using your social media accounts while you are ending your marriage. 

1. Do not boast about monetary accomplishments or purchases

If you get a raise or buy a new car, you probably want to show off to your friends. However, think twice before bragging. If your ex sees that you are making more money or spending recklessly, he or she may start asking for more assets, alimony or child support. 

2. Avoid posting photos of social events

While there is nothing wrong with having some drinks with your friends, consider how others may perceive it. If there are constantly pictures of you drinking beer or going to bars on your pages, your spouse may claim you are irresponsible. The judge may not see you as a mature and stable person. If your friends take pictures at events, kindly ask them to refrain from posting them. 

3. Follow helpful people

Using social media while breaking up from your spouse is not all bad news. You can find a lot of individuals and organizations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who post positive and encouraging content. If your divorce is causing you to feel down, try to include some positivity in your newsfeed. It may surprise you how much a positive quote or inspirational video may help brighten your day. 

Everything you do while getting a divorce may impact your case. You must be careful about how you conduct yourself in-person and online.