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Why is divorce the ideal time for a social media break?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Divorce

Tensions can be high when you are trying to end your marriage. Hence it is no surprise that many divorcing spouses turn to social media to comfort themselves.

The problem is that it could turn out to be a terrible idea. Here is why:

Your spouse may be tracking your social media

Blocking them won’t be enough. There’s always a chance your spouse could view your social media through one of their friends who has you on their feed.

What is the problem with them following my activity?

You are likely to have some bad days during your divorce. Ones where you feel so upset about something your spouse says or does that you feel like telling them where to go. Social media gives you the ability to do that with a few flicks of your fingertips. If your spouse or someone close to them screenshots your post or message, they could show it to the judge to try and paint a poor picture of you.

Innocent posts could be used against you

You decide you need a break from the divorce hassles and take a weekend away with friends. You or they post pictures of the weekend, one of which your spouse siezes as evidence you are doing something wrong.

They might take a picture of you dancing with someone to claim you are unfaithful. Or a picture of you passed out under the table to suggest you have an alcohol problem. Or, they might just claim that affording to go away means you have more money than you are letting on.

On top of this, social media can make it harder for you to get over your spouse. Seeing photos of them enjoying life without you could make divorce even more challenging.

Seek legal help to understand more about things you should and shouldn’t do during your divorce.