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What you need to know about spousal support

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Spousal Support

Spousal support is supposed to help a spouse meet their financial needs during and after divorce. You may have sacrificed your ability to earn income during the marriage to take care of your family or even given up your career to support your spouse.

In such a case, a court may order spousal support, also known as alimony, as part of the divorce judgment. Your spouse will be obligated to pay you a certain amount to help you maintain the lifestyle you were used to during the marriage. Here are some quick facts about spousal support in California.

Spousal support is enforceable

Like other court orders, spousal support is enforceable if ordered by the court. Therefore, you can seek the court’s intervention if your ex does not pay up. They can be held in contempt of court orders if they are doing so in bad faith.

It is possible to modify the amount of spousal support

Spousal support payments are not cast in stone. A family court judge can revise the amount in line with the prevailing economic circumstances of the paying spouse. However, the court will need convincing reasons and evidence to make such changes.

It may not last forever

Spousal support will end when you remarry, or in some cases, upon the death of either spouse. The duration of alimony is also relative to the length of the marriage. The longer you were married, the longer spousal support will last.

Do you deserve spousal support?

If you are unsure about how things work or the amount of spousal support you are entitled to, it is best to consider seeking informed guidance to help you through it all. Alimony can go a long way in helping you cope after divorce, and you need to ensure you get what you deserve.