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Grief can plague you during and after your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Divorce

Did you know that many people who divorce go on to experience unexpected grief? To survive and thrive when (and after) divorcing, it often helps to be aware of the complex feelings you may experience.

You may already expect to feel emotional pain, but most people fail to anticipate divorce grief. When it hits, it can affect your decision-making, potentially resulting in an unsatisfactory divorce settlement.

The five stages of grief may arise in divorce

Even those who initiate a divorce usually believe they will not experience significant sadness. They think that since they are the ones who wanted a divorce, they won’t feel sad about it.

Even in these circumstances, the five stages of grief can arise. These are:

  • Denial: Telling yourself to forget divorce and repair your marriage
  • Anger: Feeling irrationally angry at yourself or your spouse
  • Bargaining: Asking yourself if you can give up something to get your marriage back
  • Depression: Knowing it’s all over and feeling sad about your loss
  • Acceptance: The final stage of divorce and grief

Reaching the acceptance stage means you feel emotionally ready to let go of the marriage and begin building a new life.

Distractions can help you cope

While it’s vital to process your divorce grief to overcome it, distractions can help during divorce proceedings when marital property and other issues remain unresolved. Some people go to the gym or take a walk when their feelings overwhelm them

It can help to learn more about California divorce laws. Examples of topics to research include property division, spousal support and issues that affect your children.

Guidance from an experienced legal professional can help you preserve your best interests when divorce grief clouds your mind.